Actinic Keratosis Responds to Total Care Body Wash



I have been using the Total Care Body Wash in the tub to soak.

The whole bathtub soak dilution for normal size home tubs is 1 capful from the cap on the product bottle. 0.75 oz. would be for a 'Spa' size tub. One cap in a full tub of warm, not hot, water for 30 minutes is wonderful.

The soaking duration is key, when the dilution is so much but the water does turn color slightly. I noticed it is vital to vigorously shake the product, as it does get thick at the head of the bottle right after shipment.

With the neck resting in the usual tub position for soaking in a standard tub, the water was high, if I moved too quickly, it would splash over but I am  6'  168 lbs.  The skin does feel marvelous once dry.

What I did personally, was to leave the wetness on and let air dry, then rinsed and/or one can put on a bathrobe if they need traverse to other rooms, etc. 

I will have done 3 treatments with 2 days between each then stop and wait for a test period, as my purposes are total body immersion, minus face.

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It is already working Rick!

I have done two treatments, 30 minutes each soaking, add nothing else to water, no oils or soaps!  I have small actinic keratosis like lesions all over my upper chest and shoulders that are from agent orange. Not a cancer problem but you can feel them and not see them actually.

D. Harris (retired Army Dermatologist)

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Another update 8/20/09

Everything clearing, Skin less blotchy, much smoother. The sensation after soaking is absolutely marvelous, no cream, cleanser, oil, salve has ever given such a pleasant sensation, and it stays with you. A problem area was where the collar bone merges at the throat area, I had very prominent lesions from agent orange, (1970 exposure) they are gone. They were very difficult to see actually but easily palpated, felt like little thorns but very short and some had tiny chronic redness but all are gone now, within 2 weeks I would say. I am at a point where one more treatment could even be an option, but man, it feels good.

D. Harris