Detecting Skin Cancers


Quite often people will use the black salve and get a great result, and out of concern for other possible skin cancers, they will smear the salve in large areas of the body to see if they have an immune response. This is not advisable, as the salve should only be used on 1-2 inch squares of the skin because of its potency. We have had reports from patients who have tried a new body wash that is very effective in detecting spots where cancers and other skin abnormalities are hiding in the skin.

The product is called "Total Care Body Wash" from Best On Earth Products the makers of the black salve we use, and it is spread all over the skin during the normal bathing process. There is also a shampoo which does the same thing for the scalp. From what people are saying, sometime after using the wash, little black spots and sometimes red patches will develop on the surface of the skin after using the body wash. This is a way to do what is called "spot hunting".

When you see a spot arise after using the wash for a few weeks, then you can put some black salve directly on that spot and see what happens. Typically you will see the same eschar response on such spots. This really helps to get specific with identifying where another abnormal tissue may be so you can eliminate it. The Total Body Wash has also been reported to help tremendously with eczema, psoriasis, and acne. It is formulated with the same herbs as the salves only with less potency and some light modifications to help the skin itself. Happy spot hunting, and if you use any black salve products please let us know your experience with them so we may add to our testimonials so that other seekers of black salves may be encouraged! Email us at


I felt it was important to share with you all my experience with a black salve body wash. The following text is from a couple of emails I wrote to a person who had questions about the body wash. I am hearing from many people that this Total Care Body Wash shows where other skin abnormalities/cancers are, as well as it helps with scars, especially from burns. I started using it about 6 months ago and actually had a spot that looked like a plantar wart come to the surface of my skin on my chest, just under my right clavicle. It was about the size and shape of an eraser head of a pencil. This was about 3-4 months ago. After a week it dried up and disappeared. I was amazed. There is no mark left at all.

I will tell you a little more about the body wash, just recently, I had a flat mole actually come to the surface that was never there before. It was on my back left lat, and it was a dark pink color. I started really concentrating the wash on that spot for the last week and now it is totally drying up. I really think this is the most amazing formulation ever produced.

I have often found that if you are working on a specific mole or wart, that it is helpful to "rough it up" so to speak. You don't have to cut into it, but take a brand new, clean emery board and very lightly pull it across the spot, just enough so that it would cause tiny little spots of the skin in the area to be scraped, almost microscopic though, you don't need to make it bleed. .

Remember, if you don't have any big ones, I would start by using the body wash for a few months to see what develops. If a spot develops that does not disappear with in 30-90 days you will want to apply black salve to it. Bloodroot will work for non-cancerous moles, warts, and skin tags, but black salve (which has less bloodroot in it) will get them all and I find there is a little less scarring with the black salve then the bloodroot.

I am telling people about the body wash for finding spots, which originally I was telling them to then put some salve on, but now I am finding it is less invasive to continue with the body wash for several months. This is why I find the body wash long term to be better if you are concerned about scarring. But, if you find after using the body wash daily for a couple of months, a spot that comes to the surface which is large or does not go away, you may want to apply black salve to it, as it is most likely a stronger cancer that does not want to be pulled through the entire body but would rather be easier to exit through the surface of the skin.

The body wash can be put on as a thin layer and left for up to 15 minutes before rinsing off, but I have usually used it for 5 minutes before rinsing off in the shower. Some eczema and psoriasis patients have reported leaving it on all day and getting good results when they also get all dairy and white flour/sugar out of their diets. It can be left on long term with no adverse effects. The source for the body wash that myself and friends and family use can be found at Best On Earth Products.