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There are a number of black and bloodroot salves on the market, yet very few are effective. The company I currently buy black salve online from is

Apricot Seeds
I take apricot seeds as a preventative measure against cancers. There is a great deal of info regarding these seeds and their ability to fight cancer found at and the seeds can be purchased from
Specific digestive enzymes which contain pancreatic enzymes are essential in cancer protocols, especially for liver and pancreatic cancers. You need to read about Dr Kelly's work with pancreatic enzymes, here is a copy of his book online. You can use the product Zypan, from Standard Process. You can call them directly at 800-558-8740 and ask them for a doctor in your area (USA only) who carries their products.

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The following letter was written some time ago from a formulator of black salve products:

Our products are made from the best wild crafted plants and minerals that can be found anywhere on earth. You will find that the total ingredients needed to make our full line of products required the collecting of plant material from every warm climate continent on earth. We believe, that in order to have the best health products on this earth you have to go to the 4 corners of the earth and collect them. This is exactly what we have done! The choosing of which plants and minerals to use in our formulas focused mainly around time proven plants that have survived with empirical evidence and are known as the best treatments or cures in the day's of old and still preferred in today's new natural salves and creams.

As world expeditions expanded and communication technology's linked the world together, other continents cultural treatments and cures became known to new parts of the world.

The secret to making all of our products is this; we use combinations of totally different plants from around the world and each single plant on there own have been undeniably successful in treating or curing the same single body medical condition. A great example of combining the ELITE KINGS of the plant world into a single product is our black salves for skin moles, skin tags, warts, and skin cancers. All of these salves have varying degrees of the same plants and minerals only because there are no other known plants, in our opinion, that can out perform these wonderful God given plants.

As with any product, the product is only as good as it's individual parts. Let's look at our formulas chosen components with a short plant by plant profile and why we chose them.

Bloodroot: chosen because it is fast acting, strong and powerful and can be used on a wide array of skin problems. It is a non-discriminating killer of abnormal cell clusters of almost any kind of abnormality. If a small opening or space in the skin exists like in the abnormal tissue growth cell spacing found in skin cancers,
the bloodroot will enter that open area and will kill all foreign or abnormal tissue.

Burdock Root: When applied externally as a poultice, the leaves are highly resolvent for tumors and gouty swellings, and relieve bruises and inflamed surfaces generally. The bruised leaves have been applied by the peasantry in many countries as cataplasms to the feet and as a remedy for hysterical disorders. From the seeds, both a medicinal tincture and a fluid extract are prepared, of benefit in chronic skin diseases. Americans use the seeds only, considering them more efficacious and prompt in their action than the other parts of the plant. They are relaxant and demulcent, with a limited amount of tonic property. Their influence upon the skin is due largely to their being of such an oily nature: they affect both the sebaceous and sudoriferous glands, and probably owing to their oily nature restore that smoothness to the skin which is a sign of normal healthy action.

Graviola: All parts of the Graviola tree are used in natural medicine in the tropics including the bark, leaves, roots, fruit and fruit-seeds. Different properties and uses are attributed to the different parts of the tree. Generally the fruit and fruit juice is taken for worms and parasites, to cool fevers, to increase mother's milk after childbirth (lactagogue), and as an astringent for diarrhea and dysentery. The crushed seeds are used as a vermifuge and anthelmintic against internal and external parasites and worms. The bark, leaves and roots are considered sedative, antispasmodic, hypotensive and nervine and a tea is made for various disorders for those purposes.

Graviola has a long rich history of use in herbal medicine as well as a long recorded indigenous use. In the Peruvian Andes, a leaf tea is used for catarrh and the crushed seed is used to kill parasites In the Peruvian Amazon the bark roots and leaves are used for diabetes and as a sedative and antispasmodic. Indigenous tribes in Guyana use a leaf and/or bark tea of Graviola as a sedative and heart tonic. In the Brazilian Amazon, a leaf tea is used for liver problems and the oil of the leaves and unripe fruit is mixed with olive oil and used externally for neuralgia, rheumatism and arthritis pain. In Jamaica, Haiti and the West Indies, the fruit and/or fruit juice is used for fevers, parasites, as a lactagogue, and diarrhea; and the bark or leaves are used as an antispasmodic, sedative, and nervine for heart conditions, coughs, grippe, difficult childbirth, asthma, asthenia, hypertension and parasites

Chaparral: Old folk lore claim that chaparral drowns the cancer by holding the cancer under it's oil and takes "Mr. cancer's" air away until he is dead. This is because fresh chaparral oil will enter the skin and stay visible like a glue but lays even or flat with the skin. The long staying power of this fight to the end ninja warrior plant is one of my favorite and is used in my cold sore creams as well. Chaparral is the perfect working base to use as the binder for all of these cancer killers in our formulas. The major lignan in chaparral, known as nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA) is a potent antioxidant and was thought by some scientists to be a potential cancer treatment. In a rat study, NDGA and a leaf extract of a South American subspecies of chaparral were found to exert an antitumor effect. Other reported effects for chaparral include anti-inflammatory properties as well as antimicrobial actions in test tubes. These actions have note been established in human clinical trials.

Let's take a look at our strongest Black Salve formula, for skin cancer. Our company's master blenders of these black salves uses no fillers of any kind. The goal is to blend each formula in such a way that only the pure cancer killing product comes in contact with every possible skin cancer surface area.

Our formulation requires that the salve components be high speed blended, focusing on centrifuging the individual pieces of plant matter into the smallest possible sizes. We next age the salve in glass vials which are air tight. The sun aging of the salves for 30 days heats and cools the plant matter in the glass vials daily, forcing the salve to once again reduce the size of the plant material by naturally shrinking and then swelling, while under pressure. This cures the salve into the best salve that can be made by any one. The final preparation is to take the sun cured salve and high speed blend it once again into the final finished salve product.

To see the salve in it's final stage, you can clearly understand the quality of the preparation in the smooth creamy texture of the black salve. You can be assured that our finest blended salves give you a higher likely hood that the total plant mixture of products are more evenly spaced on the surface of the skin cancer when compared with similar products. `A supreme quality salve is not created by superior blending alone. The ingredients chosen determine the capability of the salve. The formulating of our skin cancer black salves is based on the reasoning that multiple plants working together will over whelm the skin cancers cells ability to live or continue to grow.

The combined oils in our product from each plant is now simultaneously attacking the cancer cells. The combining of the worlds best cancer killing plants and minerals into a single product, produces a cocktail of death to the skin cancer cell cluster and is more than 90% successful in completely removing the skin cancer from the body!

A very big thing to remember here is that under the skin, no person of any practice of medical skills is, capable of visually determining the good healthy tissue from the cancer cell clusters. In the removal and radiation cancer treatments, a few things are certain:

First fact, more healthy tissue around the suspected cancer area will be lost to knife removal than you will have with cancer killing plants. What happens if they do not cut all of the cancer cells out of the body and the dreaded chemo misses a single cell?

The truthful answer; that cancer cell that was not killed, will proceed with it's normal genetic code and keep growing. The single cancer cell may go dormant for a while or it could immediately begin to grow at it's maximum growth speed. The chemo you just used tried to kill the good components of the immune system cells too. Killing off of the good immune system cells will allow the superior in physical strength cancer cells that survived, to simply run rampant in the now undefended body.

The root of a skin cancer cell cluster is what is most commonly thought to be the cause of the recurrence of the cancer and only your body's immune system will determine when the cancer root will return! On large skin cancers when the outer surfaces of the cancer rips or pulls apart from the smaller surface part or the tail of the cancer, it will leave a brain looking tissue in the bottom of the cancer surface. When you see this brain looking tissue you must reapply to the strange looking tissue in the open cancer scar hole, one more coating of the black salve. This will kill the remaining cancer in most cases but in some cases you may have to keep going deeper with the salve when you still see the strange looking tissue in the bottom of the cancers hole.

On small skin cancers usually one to three treatments will fully remove the skin cancer and this accounts for around 90% of the skin cancers that we are aware of.

The second facts about chemo is, you lose your sense of smell and taste, some times for life. This occurs due to the destruction of zinc stores in the body from the chemo.

The third fact is, in a child, chemo will stop the bone growth in the child, affecting the child's physical growth.

Even as a master blender and a certified horticulturist I still can understand why a person who is new to the study of holistic medicine would doubt that plants can heal the body like nothing made by man can.

I understand because this is what I thought myself at first, I felt it just could not be true or every one would know of these plants! When I first heard of old cancer killing recipes made from plants and minerals, I felt it could not be true. For if it was so, our government would force the whole nation to take these plants, like I remembered standing in line to be vaccinated as a child.

Because of a loved one in my family that had developed skin cancer, I studied old formulas where ever I could find them and made a formula that worked and has worked on every person that I have seen it applied to. Our products were all made the best way possible, because they first were all needed and used by someone that I loved in my family. There is not one thing I would change in making the product you will receive than the product that any of my family would receive!

The products are made the best way we know how. If it can be made better, please contact and teach us something old that you know and let us make it new again for this and future generations. Be assured that our products are the best when compared to any holistic manufactures product in the world. We could be copied but never out performed.