How To Use Black Salve For Warts and Skin Tags


Having first verified with your medical practitioner that your skin growth is benign, follow these instructions:


  • Using your "little finger" simply apply enough of the paste to cover the wart or skin tag which you wish to treat. Make sure the site is covered well. Apply a bandage over the area to insure that the paste is not wiped off.

  • "Deep Loufah Wash" - Many people use a loufah sponge to rigorously wash and prepare the skin before applying Black Salve. This serves to remove some of the dead cells in the top layer of the epidermis (the stratum corneum), so that Black salve has less tissue through which to travel to get to the underlying cancer. Using an emory board to lightly file down abnormal skin areas is effective as well.

  • "Needle Points" - This technique is more effective, but more invasive. It involves taking a sterilized needle and carefully making holes in the skin - about a sixteenth to eighth inch deep, very much as an acupuncturist would - except that the needle is removed as soon as the holes usually spaced about a quarter-inch apart. Following the creation of the "skin holes," Black Salve is then (re)applied. We recommend that this technique be used by practitioners and not end users. We also advise that practitioners prep the area by rubbing peroxide (3-6%) into the freshly "pricked" skin before Black salve is (re)applied.

  • Every two days, remove the bandage, apply fresh paste, and place a new bandaid or bandage back on. This may seem wasteful to some, but the amount of product you use, remember, is very little; the purpose of new, fresh product, is to ensure that there is a sufficient concentration of the alkaloids in the bloodroot working on the target growth to get the job done. Complete this cycle until the wart or skin tag has receded to the same level as the surrounding skin. When you pass your hand over the area, you should not feel any protruding skin growth of any kind.

  • Time Frame: The time frame varies from user to user: generally, you begin to see results within the first week. Rarely does it take greater than a month for the entire process to take its course.